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Vollure® is the ideal filler, used to treat both ‘Parenthesis’ or ‘Marionette’ lines around the mouth area. Vollure® is the newest filler from the Juvederm® family of products, offering lasting results, up to 18 months. It softly improves the nasolabial lines (Parenthesis) as well as the oral commissure lines ( Marionette) by adding volume in areas where aging can occur.

When you have age related volume loss, Juvederm Vollure® will re-establish volume that looks and feels natural. Acting as an attractant to water molecules, the hyaluronic acid draws water into the area needing correction, replacing lost volume and filling lines. Plump and hydrated skin are always youthful.

vollure before & after

Vollure® FAQs

What is Vollure®?

Vollure® is composed of chains of hyaluronic acid in varying lengths which creates it unique mid-range viscosity. This medium- level thickness, it is not as thick as fillers such as Voluma® that replaces volume in the cheek and jaw, and not as thin as Volbella® that is primarily used in and around the lip area.

What side-effects can occur with Vollure®?

The most common side effects include firmness, swelling, tenderness, and bruising. The side effects are usually mild (causing little to no discomfort and impact on our daily lives).

How do I know if Vollure® is right for me?

The nurses at Define will be able to assess your aging process and develop a plan on how fillers will be able to lift, add structure, volume, and architecture back to the face.


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